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Combine crop and resize tools

As a designer I can fix an image in seconds but for some of our less image editing savy folks at work, the crop and resize tools are confusing.

Our issue is cropping specific pixel crops out of images. The crop tool only seems to work on ratio, and the resize tool, when unlocked, squishes images.

Say we have a 6000x4000 image, and a web person wants a 1500x500 crop of the full image. Typing that into the crop tool results in a super tiny little crop box. Expanding that box to the full size image increases the pixel crop to 6000x2000.

Entering the 1500x500 in the resize tool results in a super squished image.

It would be nice to be able to enter a pixel size and lock it, so that when expanding or resizing the crop box, the pixels will remain constant. Or at the very least change the resize tool to crop images rather than distort them if a different ratio of pixels is entered.

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