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Download presets by width or height only

To be able to create download presets by only specifying pixel width or height so the image is resized in proportion, at the correct aspect ratio. Currently a width and height must be specified causing images to be distorted.

This would help with our daily workflow as our digital and social media teams would be able to download photos at the size they need them rather than the hi-res originals stored on Canto.

 Are you saying you want to crop a different ratio out of an existing photo, or just reduce an existing photo so one side is 1500 for example? If the latter, in the advanced resize option, if you check the tiny lock icon between the pixel input, you can change width or height and the other side changes to fit rather than distort.

Hi Matt

Thank you for replying - I am aware that with a recent update the advanced update lock icon does help achieve this and am thankful for this. However you still need to input a width and height and I am finding is that if the image is landscape it resizes to the specified width without distorting but if it's a portrait image it will resize to the specified height without distorting. I would like the image to resize to specified width whether it is landscape or portrait. Hope this clarifies things further.

I think so. I also just created a request that combines the crop and resize tools. I think this would also solve your problem.


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A crop and resize tool would be a great addition, thank you Matt

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